Urban Calisthenics

$12.90 a month or $129.08 a year after 7-day free trial

Get ready to embark on an exciting fitness adventure with Urban Calisthenics! We've brought Urban Calisthenics to the digital world, making it accessible to fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Over the course of several weeks, you'll develop robust and functional strength while honing your skills in "Key Calisthenic Fundamentals.”

Our program delivers four optimised workouts every month, featuring over 100 high-quality instructional demonstrations. We also provide an essential "How To" series and a warm-up collection to prepare your body for action, setting you on the path to mastering advanced movements.

Our focus is on simplicity and convenience. Designed for those who want to dive straight into their workouts without the burden of meticulous tracking, our program offers engaging calisthenics routines.

High-quality instructional demos will guide you through each exercise, while energetic follow-along workouts keep your motivation soaring.

We believe in the power of fundamental learning. Mastering these Key Calisthenic Fundamentals serves as a springboard for your journey towards advanced movements.

All of this is available for just £9.99 per month. No-frills, high-impact calisthenics for those who prefer a straightforward fitness experience. Subscribe today and join Urban Calisthenics for a simplified, engaging, and impactful fitness journey.


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    Welcome to Urban Calisthenics, the ultimate online training program designed specifically for individuals who are passionate about calisthenics and looking to take their training to the next level. Our program focuses on providing effective and efficient workouts that can be completed within a mi...


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    Welcome to our Calisthenics Warm Up Series where we believe in the power of a proper warm-up to set the stage for success. Our series of online warm-up sessions are designed to prepare your body for the challenges and intensity of calisthenics training. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced...